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Department of Scientific Socialism

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Department of Scientific Socialism

Department of Scientific Socialism was evolved from the teachingand research division of scientific socialism whichwas founded by the political department of Central of China Normal Universityin June, 1978. It was taken the lead by professor GaoyuanprofessorLihuibinprofessor Yanghongyu with carrying outthe study of Scientific Socialism. Edited byprofessor Gaoyuan, ‘The ScientificSocialism’, as the core professional publication of China, is renamed “TheStudies in socialism”. It was in the 6th Of the Marx doctrine of discipline from the CSSCI(2014-2015) the journals list. In 2001, themajor of scientific socialism and internationalcommunism movement was listed in the national key discipline. There are7 Existing full-time teachers, including 4 professors, 2 associate professors, and9 in-serviceteachers, 11 retired teachers. With a doctoral and a master, the main researchdirections are the theory of socialism, contemporary world socialism,and socialist realistic problems in scientific research.

Recentyears, three PhD theses won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations and 9 PhD theseswon the Hubei province Excellent Doctoral Dissertations.Our graduates are all over the enterprises andinstitutions, government agencies, universities etc. among them, thereare a plenty of powerful person in the society, such as Professor Mou Chengwen,who was called “the folk scholar” by the mass media and Ruan Chengfa, the Wuhan City party secretary, and so on.Nowadays, theDiscipline construction and the personnel training are the main target of The ScientificSocialism Academy. In the next 5 years, we are striving to become ‘’thedomestic first-class, internationally influential, complete, adequate funding,personnel training quality high" academic research institutions.