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School of Politics and International Studies

The School of Politics and International Studies (SPIS) of Central China Normal University was founded in 1978. After 40 years of development, it has now become one of the leading political science communities in China. The School consists of three departments – Department of Scientific Socialism, Department of Political Studies and Department of International Affairs. The departments not only confirm the strength of the School in teaching and research in the relevant fields of political science, but also, they represent a broad and changing spectrum of interests, backgrounds, and research approaches in cognate disciplines.

The School currently has 32 faculty members and 6 administrative staff, among which 17 are professors, 10 are associate professors, and 3 are assistant professors. Many of them are well-known scholars in their fields. So far, there are more than 100 projects that have been completed successfully or are being undertaken by the school faculty, including Key Projects of National Social Sciences Fund and Key Projects of the Ministry of Education. The faculty and its research teams have been awarded with a remarkable array of honors and prizes at provincial and ministerial levels for their academic achievements. The School has been listed as a top-ranking institute in academics in the national academic evaluation.    

The undergraduate majors of the School receive systematic training in International Politics, and Politics and Administration. The School offers Master and Ph.D. programmes in Political Theory, Comparative Political Institution, Scientific Socialism and International Communism Movements, International Politics, and International Relations. Currently, the School has overall more than 600 students, including nearly 100 international students from more than 50 countries. Every year, around 60 undergraduate students, 130 postgraduates and 30 Ph.D. students are enrolled, and more than 10 post-doctoral researchers and visiting scholars work in the School.

In 2011, the School started to offer English programmes of International Politics and International Relations at Master and Ph.D. levels to overseas applicants. Today, our international students can attend Chinese class for undergraduate study. They can either choose Chinese class (three years) or English class (two years) to complete their Master study. For Ph.D. students, both domestic and international students must spend at least three registration years at campus to complete their doctoral study. A diverse student body at the School can benefit not only from classroom, but also from other intellectual opportunities at the university, some of the top research centers and institutes in the country, and our seminars that draw scholars from around the globe.

Together our faculty, undergraduate students, and postgraduate concentrators comprise a vibrant community of political science scholars at Central China Normal University.