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Department of Political Studies

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Department of Political Studies


Local Governance being its main research filed, Department of Political Studies focus on system innovation with comparative politics research horizon, studies innovation of Chinese local governance and make international comparison cooperatively. At the same time, scientific research basis, cultivating talents substance, team building main thread, base building backing, consolidating and developing national key discipline of Chinese and foreign political system which is main force contributes to a new pattern of discipline group development, the formation of “a main four” layout. Department of Political Science, based on discipline construction, devotes itself to strengthening the ability for the commitment of national key scientific and technological projects and community service aiming at fruiting iconic scientific & technological achievements.

The department owns three research platform: 1. The state council group office for comprehensive rural reform research base“ Research Center for Chinese Comprehensive Rural Reform and Collaborative Innovation”; 2. Hubei Academy of Social Sciences Research Base, “Hubei City Community Development Research Center”; 3. Built in cooperation with the People's Daily and other institutions, “ The Development of Chinese County Research Center”.

Within less than three years, the department has undertaken one major project of National Social Science Fund, two key project of Ministry of Education, one major project of the Asian Development Bank, one key project of the National Social Science Fund and four general project. Meanwhile, the department has undertaken various sizes of more than 40 project of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, the leading group of Hubei  provincial party committee work, the Propaganda Department of Hubei Provincial Committee, the Provincial Committee of Civilization, the Hubei Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Wenzhou government and so on. According to elementary statistics, in the latest 3 years, our teachers have published more than 100 academic papers, among which 40 papers were published in CSSCI; 17 academic monographs and 4 textbooks which earns more than more than 20 awards like the award for outstanding achievement in Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education. Among these, Linkage between Traditional Culture and Modern Civilization-the Theory and Practice of the New Rural Construction co-written by professor Wu Licai gained the first prize of Anhui Publishing Awards for Literature and Art of Social Science of 2009-2010 on July, 2014; The Reform and Reconstruction: Study on China Township System written by professor Wu Licai was selected to “Classic Classic Chinese International Publishing Project” of 2012.

In the advisory service , the researchers of the department has provided about 50 papers for  departments of government. Among these, 4 papers were instructed by the central and provincial leaders, every research reports were adopted by relevant departments; 2 papers enjoyed the title -”outstanding expert proposal” of Ministry of Education. Our researchers have participated in the reform and innovation activities of Hubei province and Wenzhou city for four times and have offered service for local departments decision-making actively. The department has hold 25 training classes for community social work of which the number of secretary of the community, director and key member was up to 2000.

In terms of cultivating talents, the department has implemented “ the project of promoting the qualities of the talents” and attaches great importance to the qualities of graduate students. At present, there are 114 postgraduates and 20 plus doctoral students among whom there is foreign doctoral students coming from Mongolia and one postdocs. In the past three years, Ph.D. Students have undertaken 4 National Social Science Fund Projects, 2 youth project of humanities and social sciences of Ministry of Education and 4 Hubei provincial Philosophy and Social Science Fund Projects. Many papers were published in CSSCI. 12 Ph.D. students and postgraduates student gained “Graduate National Scholarship” and the group of 6 postgraduate students won the special award of the thirteenth national “Challenge Cup” extracurricular academic work competition.

 The department is home to 9 full-time teachers and 1 part-time teacher. Among them, there is one teacher who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, three teachers enrolled in Cross-century Training Plan of Talents in the New Century of Ministry of Education, 2 teachers being the members of the National Committee of Experts for Community Construction of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, one teacher being the member of the National Committee of Experts on the Construction of Public Cultural Service System, one being the expert of Standardized Comprehensive Rural Reform. The major research area includes urban and rural areas and grassroots governance research, the study on urban and rural community and villagers autonomy, the study on the culture governance and cultural policy, rural public service and the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas research, study on townsip finance and village finance, the new urbanization and coordinated development of urban and rural areas. At the same time, making researches on land, property, residence, finance, infrastructure construction and pollution prevention and control in Chinese rural respectively.