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Master Programme

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Master Programme


Research Fields

Main Courses

Political  Theory

Political Theory and

Political Methodology  

Political  Theory, Pubic administration

 and Public Policy  


and Local Governance

Political  Development

and  Chinese Politics  

Pubic  Administration

and Public  Policy  


Political  Institutions  

Comparative Politics  

Comparison of

Chinese and Foreign Political Institutions, Contemporary  Chinese Government and Politics  

Contemporary  Chinese

Government  and Politics  


and Governance  

Public Personnel

Administration and

Examination System

Scientific Socialism and Communist Movement  

Contemporary World Socialism and Foreign  Communist Party  

the History of Socialism Thought, Contemporary  Capitalism  

Scientific  Socialism and Socialism with Chinese Characteristic  

Socialist Political Development,Democracy and Rule of Law

International Politics  

Theory of International Politics

International Political Economy, Regional Politics, Theory of

International  Politics

Area Studies  

Country Politics  

International Relations  

Theory and Practice of International Relations  

Great Power Diplomacy, the  History of International Relations , International Relations Theory  

International Relations in Asia-Pacific Region  

International Relations and Chinese Foreign Policy  

Political  Sociology  

Theory and  Approach of Political Sociology  

Political Sociology, Social Change and Political Development  

Social  Change and Political Development  

Contemporary  Issues of Political Sociology  

Political  Culture  

Local  Government  

Local  Government and Local Governance  

Local Government, Modern  Chinese Politics  

Municipal  Administration and Community Development  

Grass-roots  Government and Villager Autonomy  

Government  Economics  

Institutional  Economy and Government Planning  

“Political  Economy”, “Institutional Economics”

Economic  Development and Governance  

Urban and  Rural Economy and Government Coordination  

National  Governance and Examination System  

Examination System and Democratic Politics  

National Governance and  Examination System, Comparisons of  Sino-overseas Public Personnel Administration  

Examination  System and National Talent Strategy  

the Frame Construction of National Ability  

Constitutionalism  and Rule of Law  

Constitutionalism  Comparison

and Chinese Constitutionalism  

the Construction of Chinese Rural  Legal System, Politics of Law  

Grass-roots  Democracy and Legal Construction  

Local  Governance and Rule of Law