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Research Center for China-Indonesia People-to-People Exchange

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The Research Center for China-Indonesia People-to-People Exchange was founded at Central China Normal University in 2013, on missions to meet the needs of regional harmony and world peaceful development, to offer wisdom for China’s peaceful development, to cultivate talents who well understand Indonesia, to serve economic and social development, to promote people-to-people exchanges and to provide policy advices for the China-Indonesia High Level People-to-people Exchange Mechanism.

The Center has three main tasks. The first task is scientific research, which mainly focuses on Sino-Indonesian relations, Indonesian foreign policy, and the Indonesian politics, economy, society and culture. The second task is to provide consultation services such as submitting consultation papers of Indonesia projects prescribed by national ministries, providing analysis and prediction for government on the development and trends of Indonesia and offering consulting reports to Chinese companies, groups and institutions which have economic and trade contact with Indonesia. The third task is to promote academic and educational exchanges between China and Indonesia in an aim to cultivate high-level experts in Indonesian studies and Sino-Indonesian relations.

Research Center for China-Indonesia People-to-People Exchange has its own website (please see ). We publish bulletin on Indonesia monthly and blue book “the National Conditions of Indonesia” annually.